Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Spring Unsprung ➳ Why i'm looking forward to it!

                                                           ♥ Spring Unsprung♥       
So sorry it's been like since a month since I posted I am really busy with school but I am on social media so I do get to check the latest Ever After High episodes, characters, dolls, exc. So when I was on social media I heard that EAH Is doing Spring Unsprung and I thought I'd check out the trailer.

Then before I watch it I see some comments complaining about the outfits and tbh I thought they were gorgeous! The trailer seemed really exciting and I was getting forward to know Kitty Cherise's Story and her mother. I'm also really looking forward to see this new side of Apple, idk why but I just really want to see her evil side.

I can't even talk about how pretty the Ever After High characters look in Spring Unsprung. I really like what Kitty is wearing in the Trailer. Reasons why I look forward to special episodes like these is because the EAH characters get to switch up their wardrobe! I'm all about their cloths :D

The last reason why I'm really looking forward to Spring Unsprung is the action and the drama. Like how in Thronecoming when Briar threw the real Story Book Of Legends into a magical spinning portal thing. I want to know what happens next, I want the action + drama that's what makes these shows interesting. It makes u wonder and get excited!

So those are some reasons I'm looking forward to this movie! I hoped u enjoyed and also comment who looks the prettiest in the Spring Unprung trailer! Thanks for reading and i'll see ya next Tuesday :D


   WATCH THE TRAILER HERE →  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2r_AjKXOGKc

       I do not own any photos, all rights go out to the person who took the screenshots! 

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