Saturday, January 3, 2015

6 Things Everyone Should Know About Graphic Desgin

Hey guys and welcome to another Off EAH Topic Post. I got a lot of requests from my friends to do this type of post so I thought I give it a try. Today we are going to be talking about Graphic Design and 6 things you should know about it. Enjoy!

1. Your surrounded by talent:

Someone else's project:
DIY Edge Painted Business Cards

Your Project:

2. Your always having to spend a lot of money:
<- For a MacBook Pro
3. Your always misunderstood

Student #2: Oh really? That sucks!
Me: I have 10 classes o_o
Student #2: A  graphic design student should never complain

4. Sometimes when you work really hard on a project your laptop does not save to your file.


5. You always think your going to look good thinking about how do your projects but you actually don't.


welcome lovely | via Tumblr


6. You get to check your grades online in front of your friends. It's not good when you get a bad grade also.


 That's okay, it's okay.

Lol thanks for reading. More posts on the way!

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