Thursday, November 27, 2014

Ever After High Holiday Specail

Okay so today I wanted to talk about some cool future episodes Ever After High. Don't get me wrong I LOVE Ever After High but I think they should start doing holiday special episodes!!

For Example:
A Christmas episode!
A Thanksgiving Episode!
A Winter special!!!

I really want Ever After High to do a Christmas episode more than anything! I think it could be awesome and exciting! So do YOU think Ever After High should do holiday episode ? Comment down below :)

And also Happy Thanksgiving!!! I hope you guys ate a lot of Turkey and other heavenly food. Lol byeee :))

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Confession: I really want Raven to win!

Okay so Thronecoming is here and I realized I still haven't voted yet.  I had a hard time with choosing Raven Or Cupid. Raven is awesome and Cupid is too. So I thought about it for a long time and I choose Raven.

It just came to me that me and Raven have a lot in common but that's not only why. You know who was one of the first characters mention in the show? Raven. Raven is really special to me and I think she is awesome and should win Thronecoming!!

Tbh Raven is flawless!

Comment who YOU think should win Thronecoming queen!! Thanks ily bye :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Future Characters

Since Ever After High announce Holly and Poppy were new characters I instantly wanted more! I was like when is Ever After High going to come out with new characters???

 If you follow Ever After High on instagram you'll see a girl holding an ice cream cone and she looks like the daughter of the Snow Queen. I think she's going to become a original character but I'm not sure..

Anyways, their might be more future characters then u think! Who do you guys think is going to be the next future character?? Comment down below :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Confession: Apple is awesome!~

Okay so when I first started to watch Ever After High I instantly hated Apple White. So then after the Legacy Day episode I even hated Apple more and thought that she was shellfish.

But then after I watched the Thronecoming episode I realized that she is NOT shellfish. She was just trying to protect her friends and family and that's really sweet! So why do people hate Apple???

Reasons To Love Apple:

1. She is adorable!
2. She is kind/nice
3. She is cares about other people
4. She is absolutely gorgeous 

 So what's to hate about her?

A beautiful Background Charcter

Okay so I noticed this beautiful background character when I first saw her I was like OMFG SHE IS GORGES AND NEEDS A NAME. So yeah this girl needs a name. I'm a little obsessed with looking at beautiful she is! What do you guys think? Comment down below :)