Monday, December 15, 2014

Finals Week Tips & Advice ♥

December 15, 2014

So todays post is completely off subject but I thought I talk about it anyways! Tomorrow I have FINALS. And yes I should be studying right now I just took a little "break" lol. I've been super stressed over the past weekend so I thought today I want to show you guys tips and not to be overwhelmed if you have finals this week!

1. Don't Stress!: Stress causing much more pain than you think. If your stressing over finals it will throw you off task and only make things work. The key is to be calm and relaxed.

2. Turn Off Electronics: Electronics distract your mind from studying. Get of my blog, I know it's awesome, but finals is more important!

3. Dress Comfy: While studying and the day of the finals you want to be comfortable! Don't wear itchy sweaters or tight tight jeans. Were a comfy top and jeggings or if you don't own jeggings then comfortable!

4. Do Your BEST: My last tip is to do your best even if you don't know something. Don't rush or don't get discouraged if your answers are A,A,A D,C,D. That could be right you know!

I hope that helped you. I know it's what everyone says but listen to what they say because it is important. I love blogging for you guys. Comment down below if you want me to do more of these off ever after high topic posts!

Ily all bye <3

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